Wednesday, November 03, 2004


About Vico Press by henry

Vico Press is the chronicle of Henry wanting to find out if any of his poems are good enough to be published. Most all hobby writers harbor this question. Emily Dickinson was a notable exception, hiding her life's output in a trunk in the attic.
But the rest of us would like to find out how to see our material published.
While trying to answer this question for myself I discovered there is a well worn path to being published. First, get a MFA from as prestigious school as you can afford. Second, submit to small presses and poetry contests until you build up a list of published poems. With this behind you seek a grant. Someone has to pay the bills. Meanwhile, start putting feelers out
to the many publishers who do publish poetry books.

I do not have time for all this. Also, I've found that if one wants different results than everyone else, one should do things a different way. ("and that has made all the difference") The germ for Vico Press was I felt that a support community could be developed which would help us all.

You are invited to join in this effort. Vico Press is currently printing Henry's chapbooks, which he self published. Vico Press will sell other self published works. Vico Press will feature weekly column writers. Vico Press will also publish many, many guest articles, reviews and writing confessionals.
Taken as a whole there should be information of help to everyone.
Won't you join in?....................thanks, henry

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